What is Travel Photography..?

I have asked this question many times to a wide demographic of the photography community, and to date i have not had a common or clear definition, but why is this.? Does Travel Photography have its own sector or is it a hybrid of landscape, documentary, architectural,...

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RAW35 Tutorial – f/stop for beginners

Recently i wrote a blog on the concept of f/stop (see my other f/stop blog) and asked people what they thought…. the feedback told me that the blog was a bit too heavy, too much detail and a bit of a tough read especially for photography beginners…. i took this on...

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RAW35 Tutorial – what is shutter speed ?

  What is shutter speed.? Sounds like a bit of an obvious question, don’t you think..? shutter speed is the speed of the camera shutter….! Ok we get that, but what does it mean and why do we care…? Right then you want to really understand… well there will be some hard...

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RAW35 Tutorial – what is focal length ?

What is focal length..? If you google focal length you will find thousands of explanations as to what it really means, most are very technical and go into superficial detail, that i feel confuse the issue and leave you with no better understanding. My explanation...

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RAW35 Tutorial – what is f/stop ?

What is f/stop… what does it mean..? why should i care..? i just want to take nice photos. You will often hear the photography in-crowd tell you to STOP up or STOP down.. increase by a third of a STOP or push two STOPS…! What are they all talking about……? Right then...

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